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Welcome to Moores Glassworks SA

Moores Glass are a leader in glass manufacturing and has been exporting glass to South Africa and all over the world for nearly 40 years. Today we enjoy a reputation for making products which are unique for their quality and performance. We export to companies all over the world and many of our components are custom made. It is our ability to respond quickly and competitively to customers' needs which is fundamental to our success.


Moores Glassworks are a UK glass manufacturer who have been producing and supplying glass products and components for over forty years. Initially working in the medical industry, our cutting-edge technology has seen our glass business expand into scientific, industrial and military sectors.

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01.Committed to quality

Every project we work on is thoroughly monitored. Each decision is carefully calculated with respect to our client’s specifications. From our injection moulding facility to our cathode ray tubes, we manufacture our products with optimal precision. Our years of research into glassware technology, including analyte molecules for PID glass bodies and ultraviolet light for cathode lamps, ensure that our clients are satisfied and our relationships with them lasting.

02.Committed to our clients

Our products have become synonymous with high-quality industrial glass components. As such we have forged strong relationships with a number of global companies. No matter how detailed the specification, we deliver to the highest quality with every brief. With access to years of glass manufacturing experience and processing skills, you'll find working with Moores both profitable and straight forward.

03.Exporting all over the world

We are world-leading specialists in glass manufacture, exporting our products globally. By supplying to many countries around the world, we are able to bring our innovative industrial solutions to growing and established international businesses alike.

04.Communicating & consulting

We have a highly skilled team of engineers, designers and specialist workers to meet your requirements.  It is our ability to respond quickly and competitively to clients' needs, which is fundamental to our success. We provide bespoke designs and can deliver on any specification, in any quantities, to tight deadlines. Please telephone for further information on 01932 222314 or click here to email.

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Research & development

Our ongoing research and development has enabled Moores to manufacture high-quality components including applications such as:

Multi pin bases/stems/pinches

Our bases can be made in a range of sizes and specifications and within different time frames, depending on the requirements of our client.

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Graded seal

Our graded seals are durable and long lasting. With forty years of experience in the industry, Moores know the most reliable methods of creating glass-to-glass seals.

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Ultra high vacuum viewport

Our long-lasting viewports are built from Kodial glass and made to withstand temperatures up to 400°c

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Cathode ray tube

We manufacture cathode ray tubes according to the specifications of our clients in diameters ranging from 25mm to 175mm.

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Glass condom mould

Our particular techniques mean the grooves and ribs in the glass create a high quality condom product, as well as allowing us to offer competitive prices.

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Glass to metal seals

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Hollow cathode lamp bodies

Our lamp bodies can be supplied with magnesium fluoride end windows. We can also supply a side window configuration in UV transmitting Kodial or synthetic quartz onto smaller bulbs.

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pH electrode bodies

We use fully automated lathes for the manufacturing of glass electrode bodies. This allows us to produce exceptional quality that is very important in mass production..

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